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Phillip Klum Mastering

date: April 2011

Corporate/Commercial Voices and BOOK READINGS

“Corporate/Commercial Voices/Book Readings” of Phillip Klum Mastering, Inc."

+Voice overs recorded, edited and/or mastered for electronic delivery (all formats).

+On-site (as in we will come to you) recording available.

+Experienced in spoken word, audio books, voice-overs for websites, and commercial spots.

+Clients include authors, Scholastic Publishing, law firms, individual VO artists, Feature Films and archivists.

+We specialize in cleaning up noisy audio (DeNoising, DeClicking, horns, AC) and amazing (so we’ve been told), seamless editing.

+Low costs/quick turnaround

For free evaluations and test pieces, please feel free to upload any audio file:

updated: 3 months ago