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Phillip Klum Mastering

PHILLIP KLUM MASTERING, INC : Music Mastering / Audio Restoration / PODCAST Mastering

**Quick Turnaround For Podcast Mastering**

PHILLIP KLUM MASTERING, INC  Music Mastering  Audio Restoration  PODCAST Mastering
Whether it's mastering "in-your-face" records for Henry Rollins or, with great finesse, the first recordings of Mississippi Fred McDowell - restoring audio for "The Aviator" (Scorsese) and the award-winning "Jonestown" or mastering film soundtracks - Phillip Klum brings a varied musical background as well as years of experience to each mastering session.

"She hired [mastering] engineer Phil Klum, known as a painstaking perfectionist...[the CD] sounds seamless. His perfectionist reputation is intact." (Washington Post)

“I called upon my magician friend, Phil Klum, of Phillip Klum Mastering, NYC. I could bore you with all the technical ins and outs of his triumph, but suffice it to say, analog hiss, dropouts and background noise were removed... and Tom never sounded better.” (WFM feature on “The Best of Tom Tipton”)

How I love mastering...! When done right, which you always do, it takes away my nervousness, my feelings of "have I done everything I can?" and replaces the doubts with "This is it!" Thanks for another job well done. It never gets old. It's always that precious and vital last step in the great adventure of making music. (Peter Link - Composer, Lyricist and Music Producer)

"...I know I am not one of your big name clients, but you treated my project as if I were." (C. D./Daniel Productions)

"You're a genius. I've said it before and I'll say it again." (C. Lavin - ASCAP Composer Award winner, Former NY Music Award Folk Artist of Year)

"...Send the new wav whenever...Honored Phil Klum had his hands on it."

(Jeff Daniels - Actor/Singer/Songwriter)

"Really Phil...I can’t stop marveling at your natural and incomparable guitar touches. Really perfection.
So grateful. THANK YOU!"

(Julie Gold - Grammy-winning Singer/Songwriter)

"This is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!"

(Amelia Krinke - Violist, Conductor, Arranger)

"It's so lush, expansive, buttery and distinct...such a cohesive beautiful sound...I am THRILLED! I've

also been touched by your attention to detail and care of my project."

(Marie McGilvray - Nashville Artist)

That’s “the one”!! It's about as perfect as it could possibly get, considering the “artist”. ;-) Thank you, again. Keep doing what you do. You really add value the way you take a good(?) mix and turn it into something special.

(Bob S. - One of the finest musicians I've ever worked with)

I was "INSPIRED" by your work on my Best Of album!

(Julia Wade - Actor, Singer, Recording Artist)

**HEY EVERYONE** Things are still crazy out there, but stay inspired, keep writing, recording, mixing, mastering and RELEASING!

We're all in this together - HELPING each other!